Kim Habers. Works from October 2018 in Studio de Gors.

Stijn Rietman  Worked from 2015-2018 in Studio de Gors.


The Gerrit van Houten Studio Award is a new award introduced by the Gerrit van Houten Foundation in cooperation with the Dooyewaard Foundation Blaricum. The Gerrit van Houten Foundation is named after painter and draughtsman Gerrit van Houten (1866-1934). Although only an active artist in his youth, he has left a prolific and remarkable oeuvre. The foundation manages his artistic heritage and with this award aims to pay homage to van Houten by stimulating work in a figurative style where perceptible reality is observed. More about the Gerrit van Houten foundation.   


31 maart 2015-Uitreiking Gerrit van Houten atelierprijs