Winner of the Mondriaan Art Award 2016 is Ronald Zuurmond.


Ronald Zuurmond-Atelier Mondriaan1



The paintings of Ronald Zuurmond (1964) show us traditonal subjects: still-life, portret and landscape. Yet, the painter is interested inthe total picture. In the painting background and subject get the same attention: a dot is just as important as a vase like form. In his work Ronald Zuurmond does an attempt to order everything in its nessecary place to create cohesion. All over the piainting the eyes of the oberver must be able to wander around.


2000 Finalist Wim Izaks Award
2001 Philip Morris Finest Selection For Art
2003 Jeanne Oosting Award For Oilpainting

Winning the Mondriaan Award includes working and living in the original Hut van Mondriaan free of rent and for a longer period of time. 
The Hut is located at Eemnesserweg 30b in Blaricum.