The Dooyewaard Foundation has recently acquired a plot of land and buildings in Blaricum in order to preserve a group of remarkably authentic studios from the beginning of the 20th century. One of the studios from about 1905 was used by Piet Mondrian in the summer of 1917, a crucial period in his artistic development. Another wooden building turned out to have been the studio of painter Ferdinand Hart Nibbrig and Anna Sluijter thereafter. Watch the restaurationproject!

Over the past years the Foundation has made an effort to restore all these buildings and to relocate the three wooden studios on the premises using the traditional method of lifting them up. In a quite spectacular manner the studios have been moved centimeter by centimeter by rolling them on rails, thus preserving their original condition (even including the cobwebs…)They were placed back onto newly created cellars in order to combine modern living standards with early 20th century exteriors. The Dooyewaard Foundation thus fulfills its aim of promoting Blaricum as a village of artists.

The Foundation aims to set up a thriving art colony which ideally would be part of an international chain of artists’ colonies where artistic spirits can flow and prosper. Potential sponsors and supporters are encouraged to contact the chairman of the Dooyewaard board.


“Huisje De Vries”

“La Petite Espinette”

Vroegere atelier van de schilder Theo Lohmann