We are looking for sponsors who share our vision and who want to team up with us.

Please contact the board for more information. A sponsor for example could in exchange for an interest free loan or donation adopt one of these studios to start his own price with competition. The winner of the competition would than have the right to live and work in the studio for a certain amount of time at cost. The upkeep and day-to-day care of the studio will be taken care of by the Dooyewaard Foundation. At present we already have one foundation willing to adopt one of the studios. This foundation will establish a Gerrit van Houten Price for painters who work in a realistic tradition.

Gerrit van Houten was a painter from Groningen (in the North of the Netherlands) who lived from 1866-1934. Also we are looking for other enthusiasts with similar initiatives who want to be part of the chain of artists colonies.

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