This studio was linked to the Gerrit van Houten Studio Award in cooperation with the Sientje van Houten Foundation. The studio plus living quarters were available to the winner for a several year period. In 2018-2022 this prize was awarded to Kim Habers. Read more: Gerrit van Houten Foundation.


In 2005 the Dooyewaard Foundation purchased their second studio with separate living quarters at the Angerechtsweg 5a. This is how de Gors (“Gors” is a small singing bird), became a studio and home after having served as a forge, a bicycle shop and a weaving and spinning mill in the past. The premises were restored in 2005-2006. Studio De Gors was sold in 2022 and no longer a property of the foundation.




vrkl De Gors-woonhuis 2012

31 maart 2015-Uitreiking Gerrit van Houten atelierprijs